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DUTIES Travel and Tourism Scale, C.A. VT No. 296 No. 511 RTN

Travel and Tourism Scale, C.A. VT No. 296 RTN No. 511 states that acts as an intermediary between the customer and Tourism Services Providers, ie companies or individuals called to provide the services indicated in the itineraries therefore declines all responsibility for any damage, injury, accident, delay, cancellations and irregularities that might occur during the execution of the services to the person who made travel by your brokerage, as well as luggage and other objects that contain them; or by bad weather conditions, political demonstrations, riots, terrorist acts, wars, rumors of wars, alarms in general or for any other reason that constitutes unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure and therefore are not subject to the will of the parts.
When traveling on any means of transport client, he is subject to the general conditions of contract printed on the ticket or passage without that responsibility can be attributed to Travel and Tourism Scale, C.A.

Any person who acquires any services or tourism product through Travel and Tourism Scale, C.A. Expressly declares that it accepts the above terms and conditions and that they will be taken as a basis to settle any dispute between them. As proof of acceptance of these general conditions, will serve as payment of the contracted services before the start of the trip in any shape or form or using any portion of the contracted services. Should the Customer consider their rights violated in some way, regarding the service, you can formalize their complaint with the Office of Tourism Inspections in the Ministry of Popular Power for Tourism, located on 2 floor, or through the denuncia@mintur.gob.ve mail, as stipulated in Article 137 of Decree with Rank, Value and Force of Organic Law on Tourism, which states: "Article 137. Complaints from people affected in their rights, resulting from the provision of tourism services, may submit formal complaint against providers of tourist services, to the governing body on or before the regional body designated by it. "
Price packages:
All prices are per person, depending on the type of occupancy unless otherwise specified. All prices are subject to change without notice until SCALE receives full payment of services.

Air fares for any single package or airline ticket sales are not guaranteed until full payment thereof and the ticket was issued. SCALE is committed to providing the best available rate, but the only guarantee of this is the issue and full payment of the ticket.

Prices do not include airfare unless specified. Costs of visas, passports, insurance, airport taxes, tips, meals not mentioned in the itinerary, telephone calls, and other personal or incidental expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.

A deposit to be determined by SCALE is required to reserve a place in any package. This deposit is not refundable. If there is a force majeure (natural) such as earthquakes, hurricanes or other natural disaster reimbursement will depend on the policy of the provider (such as hotel or airline), based on that SCALE proceed to a refund.

Final payment:
The final payment must be received by SCALE no later than 48 hours after the reservation. All packages are subject to availability and price change if the final payment has not arrived.

Payment methods:
Bank Transfer, Credit Cards.

By making a charge with your credit card you must meet the following conditions:
* The card holder must be one of the passengers. In the unlikely event that travel must be the direct representative or family of passenger and sign on the scoresheet TC accepts the charges for their family.
* If it is a corporate card the same way you must sign on the scoresheet TC which accepts card charges by the customer or employee who travels.
* If a travel agency that pays with a credit card, the agency will be responsible for the charges made to the card of your client.
* Every customer (passenger or travel agency) to pay by credit card must fill out a form and attach a copy of the card front and back as well as the copy of your identification.

Reviews and Cancellations:

In case you need to change your travel plans to your reservation later, certain restrictions apply. After review, any cancellation and cancellation refunds vary according to the policies of hotel, airline or supplier. In addition, we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee FEE.

Carnivals, Easter, Christmas, New Year and other holidays and special dates:

All sales of air and ground services (hotel, transfers, car rental, charter, airline tickets and other) to travel during these periods are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Other significant restrictions apply for these periods depending on the hotel and the airline. Please ask your travel agent for details on these restrictions.


Refunds of unused services, if applicable will be processed within 60 days. In all cases, charged a FEE SCALE administration expenses, which will be determined by the company. All refunds must be solicitaos writing. Other restrictions may apply, please inquire at time of booking.

The Air Tickets are nonrefundable, nontransferable. If the rate and the policy of the airline permits, the passenger will receive reimbursement from Escala Group (following the policies of the Company and / or Airline) expect the same process the refund, once received Scale it shall reimburse the passenger, the process is subject to a service charge. When not traveling and not communicating with Scale or the airline will not automatically show and lose all the value of the ticket. We recommend be at the airport 4 hours before international departures and 3 hours prior to domestic departures. The documentation, such as a valid passport to travel, visas, consular permits or permits for minors and vaccines are the sole responsibility of the passenger.
Traveler's Insurance:

Travel insurance is mandatory for entry into the European Community and Cuba. (Consult other destinations). As his adviser in travel and tourism industry professionals, SCALE must inform you of the need to have a plan Travel Assistance, for that reason recommend that you make your trip with a travel insurance card.
Juvenile permission:

All under 18 traveling without their legal representatives and / or parents must apply for a permit minor (duly notarized applicable national and international tickets).


It is essential to have a visa to enter the United States or Canada, even if only for connection through these countries to reach their final destination.

Citizens of the European Community must have ESTA for entry to the US if you do not have American visa. Please verify your passport and / or visa be valid for at least 6 months. Please consult visa as your destination and / or transit.

Tickets and Vouchers:
Travel documents will be sent 21 days before the trip (as long as the services are 100% paid). If required an emergency delivery service there will be extra charges. If the documents issued are electronic and passenger requires paper is an extra charge will be determined by SCALE. The passenger must review the documents when received since SCALE not responsible for documents destroyed or lost.

Any reservation of air tickets made through the website of scale will be subject to the prior issuance by airlines such tickets as well as other terms and conditions applied on Ticketing by the line or the airlines concerned. Therefore, Scale can not guarantee the issuance of airline tickets until these emissions are confirmed by airlines

Within twenty-four (24) days following the receipt by the user under payment by Scale hours, and once confirmed by the airline or airlines of which concerned the issue of tickets, the User you receive electronically all the tickets and vouchers relating to reservation


It is important to confirm their flights with the airline you travel. For domestic flights it is advisable to confirm 24 hours prior to departure for international flights is recommended 72 hours before departure. Failure to report the day of travel imply absolute loss of the ticket.
* Schedules flight departures subject to change under the sole responsibility of the airline and the passenger to verify.

Cancellation of Services:

In case of cancellation or sale does not materialize, when operating expenses authorize reimbursement according to the reserve recorded is applied.


You must have at least 6 months valid passport for international travel for national valid photo identification. Depending on your nationality, some countries in North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia may require a Visa stamped on your passport. It is the responsibility of the passenger at the time of reservation knowing visa requirements, also it is your responsibility to obtain all necessary travel documents such as visa, vaccines, or any other documentation.
The World Health Organization (WHO) through the International Health Regulations require vaccination against yellow fever, which must be made at least 10 days before the trip, is required to enter some countries, others may require it depending on whether or place of origin is an infected area. This vaccine carries the expedition of the International corresponding Vaccination Certificate that health authorities of some countries require a mandatory requirement of entry, the countries are: Barbados, Bolivia (Recommended), Brazil, Korea, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Honduras, Kenya, Nicaragua, Panama (Recommended), Peru (Recommended), French Polynesia, Rwanda, South Africa and Salvador among others.


SCALE not disclose or use any information given by the passenger without prior consent, except:
* Have informed the passenger promotions
* If required to disclose such information Scale as applicable any legal requirement or regulation
* To help any provider to charge any extra charge made by the passenger.


SCALE acts only as a service company that intertwines the needs of the passenger, for that reason SCALE no responsibility for services provided by third parties, such as airlines, hotels, transfer or any other supplier. SCALE is not responsible for any injury, damage, illness or losses on a journey through causes of terrorism, political situations, social unrest, plagues, mechanical failures, climate, crime, natural disasters or any other condition that leaves the control SCALE and any of its subsidiaries.

Reservation subject to review of rules and regulations IATA airlines and ticketing.

Rates subject to change without notice by the airline.
Once issued the ticket is not endorsable, non-refundable, non-transferable, some fees not allow rerouting.
Apply penalties for any changes more difference in rate if it should exist.
In case of "No Show" ticket could lose its validity, cancellations and changes must be made before the travel date marking the ticket.
Remember that it is essential to have a visa from the US or Canada, if your flight connection through these countries to reach their final destination.
It is important that the passenger provide the information required for the issuance of your ticket (copy of passport or identification document) because without delivery of this information may not issue the same.
Cancellation Services: in case of cancellation or sale does not materialize, when operating expenses authorize reimbursement according to the reserve recorded is applied.

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